Give a digital dimension to your material


Connect your material and your physical locations to the digital world.

Communicate with your users through their smartphones.

Collect offline/online data.

  • Many companies are using QR codes in advertising to make their ads more interactive. Our QR Creator will help anyone turn their website URL – or just text – into a QR code. This is useful for putting on business cards or on stickers for promotion.


  • Our QR Creator is simple to use. Enter in something you want to turn into a QR code and it will give you a live preview of how it looks.


  • You can change the colors of the QR code to stand out from other codes that just use black and white.


  • There is also an option to rotate and add a border around the code.


  • Option for custom size QR Code.


  • When you’re done making your code, Our QR Creator lets you export your project in popular image formats like JPEG, PNG etc. This makes it easy to embed into site or to print it out with another program.


  • Overall, our QR Creator is a simple program for creating QR codes with some useful options like simple Text to Phone numbers and even Links to Apps in the Marketplace!


  • Create QR-Codes wherever you are – you don’t need to be connected to the Internet!


** Flexible for any customization to suit your business requirement.

Choose which item / location to connect

Newspaper or magazine

Product Packaging

Commercial or informative material

Store and point of sale

Identity card and Visiting Card