High Brightness Level

High brightness Cabinets makes sure  to run the screen in day light function as well.  Excellent picture uniformity result in sunlight  events also can show clearly,  completely and stably in high profile advertisement.

Multi-Function Operation

This kind of screen can be used for different functions and events and also for advertisement. Likewise promotional advertisement i.e. Elections,  Brand Promotions etc.

Easy Handling

Light weight, easy to installation & dismantle,  It can be handle individually and moved from  one vehicle to another easily.  An individual; person can install and dismantle  it without any extra pressure.

Target Maximum Audience

This dynamic Mobile Van Led Display Screen will  give you more control and flexibility over your  campaign and make it more relevant to your  target markets and audience, by being able to  stand from the crowd.

# Information Value Notes
1 Display Type Alpha Numeric
2 Led Module Type P10(16*32)
4 Led Module Size 6* 12 Inch
5 Size Customizable(Multiple of 6*12 Inch)
6 Communication Type RS-232, RS-485, ETHERNET(LAN), GSM,USB
7 MCU Used STM32, RENESAS, 8051, PIC High Performance Microcontroller

The perfect quality and long-time stability of advertising LED display make us gain a good reputation in LED display field. Outdoor Led Display solved  various types of solutions depending on the industry classification, and end users of the solution Like:

Advertising Purpose
Moving Massage Display Board
Any Information/Notice Display Board