We consciously choose to engage with our clients as partners, using the best models possible.


Sdos’s engagement strategy revolves around maintaining flexibility of our clients’ business needs. Our priorities are balancing timelines and budgets and building engagement models around it.


Years of handling engagement models have given us a unique insight into managing the key factors that affect the selection of the best model. These are —


  • Project Goals and Objectives
  • Size and Scope of the Project
  • Maturity of the Requirements
  • Stakeholder Participation and commitment
  • Development methodology
  • Organization Maturity in Software Development




Be it the performance of current business process, technology landscape, or IT maturity assessment/analysis of a specific business areas of interest, we are proud of our ability to engage with our clients on multiple levels.


We perform complete current state analysis, fit gap assessment, and business process re-engineering. The objective is to achieve a position of advantage and allow for a comprehensive view of the components, so that we can make better Business Transformation.


We own the project end-to-end, so that we’re able to maintain attention to detail. We are committed to deliver high quality product within the agreed timeline and budget. To that effect, Sdos takes complete ownership of project and support management, infrastructure, and environment setup and management.



Within defined guiding principles, the effort of the project may change, and either increase or decrease as it progresses. In Managed Team engagement, Sdos would be responsible for delivering quality product with highly skilled technology resources, irrespective of the fluctuations.


Our resource talent pool covers newer and niche technologies, and we provide our clients with the flexibility to quickly ramp up/down the resources based on business and project needs. Sdos enforces quality standards in analysis, design, development, and testing. Some of the standards such as code coverage, test case coverage, peer reviews, and defect ratio ensure high quality deliverables.


The biggest challenges corporations face today are


  • Harnessing business transformation
  • Efficiency enhancements, and
  • Enriching customer engagement.


Organizations strive to find the right balance between value of investing in stand-alone support operations versus integrated support outsourcing.


Our model includes operational maintenance and support across all levels that keep your business running smoothly and without interruption.


Our support services include operational maintenance and support across all three levels (L1, L2, L3) that keep your business running smoothly and without interruption.


We use our knowledge management tools and other IP developed by our support framework to deliver top notch support services at all times.


Our clients have also gone down the path of our very cost effective solution where we have implemented demonstrable frameworks. These frameworks are as good as a comprehensive product solution and end-to-end business process.


A few examples of these frameworks are:


  • Organizational Intranets
  • Vendor Management Application
  • GPS Plug and Play
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • IoT Frameworks


These demonstrable solutions significantly reduce the time to deploy thereby yielding better organizational ROI. Our clients can also deploy these frameworks with certain degree of customizations which allows them to further build on them. This engagement model with a combination of Managed Team and Project empowers our clients with accelerated time to market product and project deliveries.



Sdos is focused on Banking, Healthcare, Retail & Technology driven industries

to bring about transformation through customer success. Our deep Industry expertize,

hand and glove partnering and leading IoT, Digital and Data transformation projects

and powered by our solutions, plug and play, partner ecosystem and accelerators, we are

delivering our client’s customer promises.




We are passionate about helping you maximize value of your 

technology investments!

At Sdos, we believe that providing reliable, scalable and innovative solutions is the only way for guaranteed customer satisfaction. We analyze every problem as one element of a greater system, and combined with our solution accelerators and plug & play frameworks along with understanding of our customer ecosystem is the only way on how everything comes together with faster time to market for any product launch. Only by listening to the end user can we provide optimized solutions that solve the specific needs of the industries we serve. With ever more customers requiring ever more sophisticated solutions, only innovations tailored by informed thought leadership and solutions can provide customers with next generation cutting edge project deliveries.






We integrate Development and Continuous Engineering in a way that’s sustainable in the long run and compatible with the modern philosophy of Internet of Things (IoT).


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