Protect your business

transactions from unauthorized



Complete stock




Relocate your inventory from

one location to another.


Dispose expired or bad 

inventory from stock.


Print your bulk barcode

label at any time.


Manage quality product in 

different location.


Get real time activity log of user,

So that you can track all user transaction.


Get Daily | Monthly | Yearly

reports of your overall business.


ERP application for warehouse management has embedded Barcode functionality to makes your transaction process faster and more convenient. It can also maintain your stock of multiple location in a most sophisticated way.. Following points are the key features of the software application.

  • Stock – In this module, Details of all product is provided including location and respective status(Like Active, Auctioned etc )


  • Secure – Be ensure that your data to be safer with our dedicated user authentication.


  • Disposal – Dispose of those items whose date has either expired or is not more functional. So that your stocks are always updated.


  • Relocate Items – Relocate your items from one location to another location easily.


  • Print Barcode – Print your bulk barcode label at any time.


  • Test & Tag – Tag your goods so that all finished goods are find in one place.


  • Gate Pass – Being more professional to serve the best service to your client by authenticating the gate pass before it gets delivered.


  • Log File – Easy to retrieve transaction by all user separately. So you can track all transaction properly.
  • Disposable Asset – This module allow you to manage your inventory in a robust way with complete details of goods. It also notifies when your goods is going to be depreciated.


  • Return of Repair Goods – This module  notifies when your repair goods is coming back. So that you can aware that when your goods are coming.


  • Expiry Notification – This module  notifies when is goods is going to expire. So you can aware that when your goods will expired.


  • Barcode – Print your bulk barcode label at any time.


  • Search – A quick and smart view to lookup your transactions.


  • Backup – Be ensure of safety of your data, this module takes a backup copy of your whole business transaction in case of disaster.


  • Export – Easy export your reports to Excel, Word or PDF.


  • Reports – Get Daily | Monthly | Yearly reports of your overall business.

** Flexible for any customization to suit your business requirement.

The ERP embedded with Barcode system forms the backbone for all the companies and covers various operations starting from Stock,

scheduling, distribution management and much more. The ERP Software can integrate all your business locations on one,

integrated platform which ensures a centralized control system and a superior management.  ERP software solutions are 

tailored to meet the unique business needs of our clients.The ERP software provides Businesses with multiple

location sales to manage their entire down stream supply chains.