Simple Solutions for Complex Connections, IC beyond the world…

Today’s organizations function in real-time, integrated ecosystems where quick decisions must be made based on a steady stream of information from sources like wearable devices, smart assets, and intelligent machines. The complexity of integration has increased dramatically, but the expectation to provide access to intuitive, uninterrupted and safe technologies for operations persist.


Sdos is working with its customers to transform operational processes to deliver quick value, streamline operations, better manage assets and improve compliance with regulations.

Sdos’s proficient team of professionals enables us to manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of Embedded products.
Our products are well equipped with the modern technologies and hi-tech application features. Our technology advanced Display systems have unique peculiarities like water resistance, clear vision, attractive textures, high endurance & Easy to install. Our products are manufactured using good quality raw materials that enhanced the durability.




Embedded technology for better future

Every industry is engaged in digitally transforming and disrupting their business. Driven by the need to innovate, the opportunity to reduce costs or the need to get closer to customers and suppliers, and to make the workplace more productive, digital is changing the way we work.

Sdos’s Supplier Network Management solutions help to evaluate supplier portfolios, identify possibilities to reduce costs and provide users with information to take action. Through data analytics and visualization tools, Sdos provides supply chain intelligence that can help you take action on low quality, overpriced or low volume suppliers.


For Sagrados Technology, “ Welcome to possible” is more than a slogan – it reflects our approach to every engagement.

Sdos has strong experience in embedded hardware development in the domain of Telecom, Networking, Wireless and Video. Sdos architects and develops high speed digital and mixed-signal printed circuit board from customer requirement specification to production ready design.

A very experienced hardware team at Sdos is well versed in designing hardware platforms for different requirements like high-speed boards and backplanes, small form-factor high density boards, power optimized designs for battery operated applications, rugged designs for industrial/automotive industry and BOM optimized low cost solutions for today’s highly cost competitive market.

Our very well defined and practiced design methodology helps in reducing time to market without any compromise with the performance.


IC connecting the world

Sdos is a technology focused company having extensive experience in the development of real time embedded applications. Our mission critical software experts use different environments e.g. embedded/real-time Linux, embedded ROTS like RTX.

Sdos has best in class engineers with proven track record of developing firmware of few lines of code up to million lines of code for single threaded/multi-threaded applications on various RTOS and Microprocessor/Microcontroller platforms.


  • MCU Firmware
    • Kernel Device
    • Boot loader
    • Linux Kernel Porting
  • Board Diagnostics
  • Protocol Stack
  • On-chip Testing and Validation
  • RTOS

  SMART THING- EMBEDDED                    WITH IoT 

Flexible. Scalable. High Performance.

Familiar devices and objects are evolving to become connected and smarter by leveraging the IoT (Internet of Things) and are designed to help our lives become easier, better and safer. A Smart Thing is an object can sense, monitor and react to its environment, securely processing the information it collects, protected from threats and intrusions, then communicating the results to other smart objects while managing its power consumption.

Advanced semiconductor technologies, low-cost, low-power embedded microcontrollers and innovative sensors are enabling large-scale deployment of new Smart Things that are powerful, compact, energy-efficient, secure and affordable.



Sdos is focused on Banking, Healthcare, Retail & Technology driven industries

to bring about transformation through customer success. Our deep Industry expertize,

hand and glove partnering and leading IoT, Digital and Data transformation projects

and powered by our solutions, plug and play, partner ecosystem and accelerators, we are

delivering our client’s customer promises.




We are passionate about helping you maximize value of your 

technology investments!

At Sdos, we believe that providing reliable, scalable and innovative solutions is the only way for guaranteed customer satisfaction. We analyze every problem as one element of a greater system, and combined with our solution accelerators and plug & play frameworks along with understanding of our customer ecosystem is the only way on how everything comes together with faster time to market for any product launch. Only by listening to the end user can we provide optimized solutions that solve the specific needs of the industries we serve. With ever more customers requiring ever more sophisticated solutions, only innovations tailored by informed thought leadership and solutions can provide customers with next generation cutting edge project deliveries.






We integrate Development and Continuous Engineering in a way that’s sustainable in the long run and compatible with the modern philosophy of Internet of Things (IoT).


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